Downtown Redesign Feasibility Report Underway

The Chisago City Council recently gave the City Engineer approval to move ahead on preparing a feasibility report to reconstruct several streets on the south side of downtown. The streets requested to be looked at are Isabel Street from Stinson Avenue to Highway 8, West Street from Stinson Avenue to Wyoming Avenue, Railroad Avenue from Old Towne Road to West Street, and Stinson Avenue from Old Towne Road to West Street. The City Council is considering all of these streets for potential reconstruction next year in conjunction with Chisago County reconstructing Old Towne Road from Stinson Avenue to Highway 8. If all of the projects move forward, they will also include street lighting and sidewalk replacement.

The construction next year will certainly cause disruptions throughout the entire downtown. The goal is to complete all of the reconstruction projects in one construction season as to not interrupt businesses more than necessary. If you have questions about the proposed projects, please feel free to contact City Administrator John Pechman.